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July 12, 2018

How I Am Simplifying

I’ve been simplifying a lot lately. Maybe it’s something about the pace of summer. I find that the longer days feel slower and afford the time to reflect, recreate, rest, reset, and renew. Spring was so full and – in a word – tiring. Rather than keep on at the same pace, I’ve decided to take stock of my commitments, projects, ideas, and possessions and make them work for me instead of wearing me out. This has been the best decision, Y’all! By organizing a few simple but intentional areas of my life, I have traded weariness for refreshment and overwhelm for inspiration.


I am surely not the only person who has been affected by the pressure to keep up, keep moving, and live life at a hurried pace. At 26, I am thankful for that I have the perspective to live a bit counter-culturally, unafraid to embrace the simple in favor of the best things life has to offer.

To encourage you where you are, I’m sharing a few ways that I’ve freed up space in my home, heart, and mind to make room for the very best things:

1) Cull/edit my Instagram feed – I follow 1/4 of the accounts I did a month ago and spend far less time on my phone as a result!

2) Simplify my inbox – I unsubscribed from unnecessary newsletters using Unroll.me

3) Edit my closet – This step got rid of clutter and blessed my sisters with new outfits!

4) Toss old makeup and nail polish – Especially expensive products I just plain didn’t use. There’s no sense in holding onto items that simply clutter my bathroom cabinet.

5) Clean out my digital files – Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Delete, organize into folders.

6) Add my number to the Do Not Call listHere’s how

7) Keep a ‘not right now’ list of goals – As I completed my mid-year goal refresh, I realized that it’s okay to cross out some good, worthy goals and save them for another season to focus more of my attention on others

8) Delete apps that distract me – I also made this my phone background, nice and simple

Additionally, a few of my very favorite resources and sources of inspiration include:

A Simplified Life by Emily Ley (her office is pictured above!)

This helpful post on ways to eliminate digital overwhelm

Essentialism by Greg McKeown (referenced above)

The How We Do It series by my friends Nancy Ray and Emily Thomas

The 30 Day Simplicity Challenge

The pursuit of simplicity is certainly a work in progress, but one that I know will change my life and the life of our family for the better! For each item I eliminate, edit from my days, and let go of, the lighter and more refreshed I feel.  I hope the same for you, too!

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