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October 23, 2018

50 Things I’m Grateful For

After sharing our exciting news on Sunday, I have been overwhelmed with thankfulness. In times of little and in times of much, we have so much to be thankful for! It is such a gift to live with gratitude. In celebration of that very principle, I am sharing 50 things I am grateful for right now. My prayer is that this inspires you to count the fruit in your own life and consider all that you have to be grateful for, too!

 Lara Casey via Emily March Photography

1. the sunrise during my commute yesterday morning
2. weekly family dinner
3. new fall candles that make our apartment smell so festive
4. sipping warm cider with Dillon in the evenings
5. twinkle lights
6. a dinner date with one of my best friends next week
7. bonding with my dad over New England sports teams
8. our upcoming trip to Raleigh
9. a virtual coffee date with Stephanie tomorrow
10. having a refrigerator full of healthy food
11. getting to stay in a lodge up north this weekend
12. yesterday’s portrait session and incredible images to edit
13. beautiful fall foliage
14. my movie night with my mom on Sunday evening
15. being debt free
16. spending the first moments of the day in scripture
17. having a cozy quilt to keep me warm while I read
18. bluegrass music
19. the holiday season is right around the corner
20. cuddling with Dillon at the end of the day
21. discovering new workouts I truly enjoy
22. getting to wear my Oatmeal Lace apron this weekend
23. a new cozy sweater
24. our special date night at Angus Barn next month
25. a full tank of gas
26. new healthy recipes that we both enjoy
27. my health
28. having a camera to create and learn with
29. our pumpkin arrangement we picked at the apple orchard this weekend
30. sharing maple fudge with Dillon while sitting in the sunshine
31. having so much to celebrate
32. my requested library book being available three weeks early
33. having wise mentors, friends, and leaders to learn from
34. getting to sit between my parents at church this weekend
35. Cactus Jacks
36. my growing faith
37. a home to welcome guests into to savor the upcoming season
38. a husband who encourages me to be my best and pursue my goals
39. soft pajamas
40. all the pumpkin things
41. getting to read my favorite blogs and gather inspiration through them
42. my Simplified Planner, ready to be unwrapped for 2019
43. Spotify Premium and all my favorite playlists
44. having a warm and cozy bed
45. my current work schedule and the freedom it allows
46. being able to complete my degree without taking out loans
47. the desire to have a deeper hunger for the Lord
48. warm baths at the end of the day
49. an incredible team at work
50. a grateful heart that counts the big and small things

  1. Stephanie Shaul

    October 23rd, 2018 at 8:42 am

    Practicing gratitude is so incredibly vital, for sure! And I’m especially excited for numbers 8 + 9!!

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