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January 11, 2019

The Heart Behind My First Whole30

Today is Day 10 of my first Whole30. Simply put, Whole30 is an thirty-day reset for your body that focuses on eating wholesome foods, kicking cravings, increasing energy, health, and clarity, and breaking bad habits with food. There are many different reasons why people choose to complete a Whole30, many of which involve alleviating symptoms from health conditions or healing them altogether. I chose to do Whole30 to increase my self control and discipline, learn more about how certain foods make me feel, and start 2019 off in a strong way.

Source: The Movement Menu

Y’all, I LOVE bread, cheese, Chipotle burrito bowls with a big dollop of sour cream, biscuits, tacos, and more. Cutting out all grains, sugar, milk products, and more for 30 days is a stretch for me if I’ve ever known one. I initially kicked back against the idea of doing this in January because it was right on the heels of the holiday season filled with indulgence and I knew that cutting sugar would be hardest of all after weeks of higher sugar intake.

It all came down to a moment after dinner on January 1st while I was holding an unopened coconut chocolate cluster from Dillon and knew I had a decision to make. I’d already written ‘Complete a Whole30’ on my January tending list with plans of starting on the 2nd but was nervous that I’d back out and not finish what I decided to start if I actually went for it. I thought back to one of my goals for 2019, the rest of which I plan to share throughout this month: Be strong and healthy to feel alive in my body and be equipped to serve God and my family.

Reading my own words, straight from my heart, gave me the push to commit to completing a Whole30. I put the chocolate high up on a shelf, poured myself a glass of ginger kombucha (a flavor I actually enjoy!), and started prepping a turkey chili at nearly 10 o’clock at night. Bless Dillon’s heart through it all, he’s been so supportive! I’m sharing this with you today because today is Day 10, which you can see here is quite possibly the hardest day yet. I read in this book that most people give up on Day 10 or 11, which initially made me weary but instead prompted me to share my goal here for accountability. Additionally, I’m excited to share a few of my favorite things about Whole30 so far:




  1. I’ve been sleeping deeply each night, waking up rested and feeling light
  2. I eat less at each meal, satisfied with smaller portions
  3. It takes much longer for me to get hungry after a meal than it used to
  4. I went to the gym yesterday for a quick 20-minute cardio workout, and instead did 45
  5. I’m more focused and motivated
  6. My skin is clearer and has a glow
  7. My clothes are fitting better
  8. I have increased confidence
  9. I have the momentum to go after my goals and truly accomplish them
  10. Healthier foods taste better than ever before



If this is Day 10, I’m so excited to see how I’m feeling by Day 30! Whole30 is changing the way I view meal planning, grocery shopping, and eating altogether. It hasn’t been easy at all times, but it’s worth it to me! Thank you to my friend Mycah for inspiring me to do this!



If you are interested in learning more about Whole30, click here.



To see some of the foods we’ve been eating, click here. *Note that I’ve amended some of these recipes to make sure they’re Whole30-compliant! Read labels, check ingredient lists, and feel free to make swaps to suit your own personal needs!

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