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February 23, 2019

A Camera and a Clipboard

Welcome to my new website, friends! I’m delighted to share this space with you. As I type this, I’m snacking on a bowl of cereal and enjoying a cozy night in with Dillon. I’m wrapped up in my favorite quilt because New England winters are cold, y’all. As you peruse my website, you may notice something unique about the navigation bar: it lists photography. Tonight, I would love to invite you into the heart of that decision.

bridal bouquet

Last year, I had the honor of serving sweet couples through my wedding planning business. In August, I had the honor of designing and styling an editorial shoot that was featured on Wedding Chicks earlier this month (check it out here!). Those experiences taught me so much about business, the wedding industry in my region, and my creativity. Through it all, I learned something so pivotal for the direction of my business:

I have such a heart for things that are lasting.

Wedding planning is a beautiful, incredibly intimate way to serve a couple during their engagement. As a wedding planner, you essentially walk with a couple through one of the most significant seasons of their life. You consult them on logistical decisions, design choices, and details big and small. You are usually the first one to arrive on a wedding day and the last to depart, long after the last guests have left. It is such an honor and privilege to play that role in a couple’s wedding. I love to plan, and I have a heart that loves to look forward to things more than anyone I know. Serving couples through wedding planning seemed like such a natural fit for me in that. However, as I walked through a full year as a wedding planner,

I wanted to reach for my camera and preserve it all.

At the end of a wedding day, the planning team or loved ones usually pack up the details of a wedding day and carry them off. As a bride, that didn’t bother me one bit on my own wedding day. I was off celebrating my brand new marriage with Dillon, without a care in the world about linens, decorations, or rentals. But as a wedding planner, it was different. I wanted to be part of preserving it all for my couples.

In late 2017, I had the privilege of shooting my first wedding. I remember coming home, late at night, and loading all the image files from my CF cards onto my iMac for safekeeping. While I was sleepy and ready for a warm shower and my comfy bed, I stayed seated at my computer instead. I got to relive the day as each image imported, constantly reminded of the legacy I had captured that day. I’ve missed that feeling last year, as I helped pack up the details of my couples’ wedding days and drove home.

I want to capture joyful legacies

serving others by preserving their most special moments for years to come. I still want to walk with couples through their season of engagement, and serve them on their wedding day. But I want to be holding a camera instead of a clipboard. I think my experience as a wedding planner will help me serve couples in such a special way, with more experience and perspective than if I’d never held a clipboard instead of a camera. It’s such a unique vantage point to have experienced both.

I am so incredibly thankful for it.

Last year, I got to walk through precious seasons of engagement for two exceptional couples. I will forever be grateful to you Jessie and Doug, and Khrystyne and Paul, for inviting me into that time in your lives. Something that was incredibly special about my final wedding of the year is that Khrystyne actually encouraged this calling on my heart for photography as I served her through wedding planning. I was afraid I would be letting my sweet couples down if I chose to follow my heart for photography after finishing my wedding planning projects. Instead, she affirmed me and cheered me on, which was the greatest gift. I’ve been met with such encouragement from fellow photographers, too. This support makes me feel like there is room at the table for me, affirming that I have something unique to offer.

Which brings me to today. My heart is to grow in photography this year, pouring my heart into capturing joyful legacies and sharing them. I plan to invite you into it all, sharing with my whole heart here in this space I’ve created. If you would like to be part of this sweet journey of mine, I would absolutely love to photograph you! Please don’t be shy about reaching out, it would bless me to serve you! I also invite you to follow along, keep up with my adventures, and share your heart in the comments section. I am so, so glad that you’re here!

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