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March 3, 2019

Location Scouting

Dear Dillon, each day, you make my day. But today, you really made my day. I know you like to rest on Sunday afternoons. Cozied up beneath the quilt on our couch, you usually unwind and catch a nap between church and dinner. I enjoy that time too. Being snuggled up beside you with a good book or a blank Google doc for all of my ideas fills my heart right up. But today was different. I had an idea that would shake up your usual routine, and you didn’t hesitate to say yes. After waking up early to be at church and working hard to serve everyone in your path, you put me first.

I asked you to go location scouting with me. To adventure with me through our city to find beautiful locations for portrait sessions so I can help others feel their best. The snow hasn’t melted yet, and I’m waiting patiently for my first sessions after it does. Now that I’m throwing everything and the kitchen sink at building a photography business, I’m eager to do anything that will move that goal forward, even as I wait for the snow to melt. My favorite part of today is that you joined me in doing that. It wasn’t just my project, it was ours.

I was so excited when the camera settings finally clicked for you during the car ride to our first location. You were holding the camera and trying to get the perfect exposure on your own, adjusting each setting one click at a time. The camera you held is very camera that you helped me find when we were first married. We were on a tight budget with little savings to our name. I had a new dream in my heart to become a photographer, but I didn’t have a camera of my own to learn with. You realized that dream of mine and jumped at the chance to help me take my first step in making it happen.

I remember snuggling up with you on the couch that Labor Day weekend. It was pouring rain outside and we were watching Friday Night Lights and snacking on popcorn. We’d been married for just two months, and we were holding tightly to our budget. I leaned on your shoulder as you held the laptop. We were trying to find the perfect first camera for me, and I was wary of making the investment. I was afraid I would change my mind and would be wasting our money if I didn’t like it. Without hesitation, you kissed me on the forehead and said, ‘If nothing else, use this to capture our life together’. I have since fallen in love with photography, and today we used that little camera to capture our life together.

Today, we were in it together. You helped me find great light while our fingers froze. You didn’t skip a beat when we arrived at our first location in dress shoes and had to drive home to trade them for more suitable boots. And then you adventured with me through the cold while the snow crunched beneath those boots. We both laughed at how they looked with our outfits. We tried to crop our feet out of each frame and then decided to own it instead. We’re New Englanders, after all. Snow boots are part of the uniform.

When we got into the car to head home after our last location, you said, ‘I’m excited to see how these images turned out!’. I was so excited that you were excited. We made something together. We were both a part of it, and the images we took were ours.  As soon as we walked through the door and plugged in our twinkle lights, I loaded the images onto the computer and we looked through them together. We quickly found our favorites and could see our work in front of us, all at once. We set out on a mission to accomplish something in the name of business today, but instead, it felt like we shared a super fun date together.

Thank you for adventuring with me today, and for being genuinely interested in what I’m interested in. Thank you for posing in the cold, and working hard to frame the perfect shots. You make my dreams bigger simply by coming alongside me in them and helping make way for them in our life. I’m so thankful to share them with you, my love.

Love, Kyla

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