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Dear Dillon, each day, you make my day. But today, you really made my day. I know you like to rest on Sunday afternoons. Cozied up beneath the quilt on our couch, you usually unwind and catch a nap between church and dinner. I enjoy that time too. Being snuggled up beside you with a good […]


March 3, 2019

Location Scouting

Daily Life, Photography

Today is Day 10 of my first Whole30. Simply put, Whole30 is an thirty-day reset for your body that focuses on eating wholesome foods, kicking cravings, increasing energy, health, and clarity, and breaking bad habits with food. There are many different reasons why people choose to complete a Whole30, many of which involve alleviating symptoms […]


January 11, 2019

The Heart Behind My First Whole30

Daily Life, Food, Inspiration + Personal Growth

In the past, I’ve skipped the goal setting step of choosing a word for the year ahead because it felt trivial to me, like something that was cute to post on Instagram but lacked the heart and meaning to be carried past the newness of the year. But this year is different! Source: With Love […]


January 10, 2019

My Word for 2019

Daily Life