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I am so excited to share my 2018 reading list with y’all today! Last year I officially became a consistent reader and am so much better for it. In all, I read 18 books in 2017, surpassing my goal of 12 by a lovely margin. I used to admire disciplined readers who made a consistent […]


January 16, 2018

2018 Reading List

Inspiration + Personal Growth

In true New England fashion, a snowstorm is on the way today! I am sipping my morning coffee and can see the flurries just beginning to form outside. Even though the frigid temperatures have been trying this winter, I really like snow storms. There’s something about being snowed in, cozied up with a good book […]


January 4, 2018

My 2018 Inspiration Board (and How to Create Your Own!)

Inspiration + Personal Growth

I can hardly believe I’m typing a post about running my first 5K, y’all. I’m just so grateful! My journey with running has been long and arduous. Yet the process has been so sweet has the same time. I have always dreamed of running a 5K, but was too daunted and wrote it off. But […]


November 27, 2017

Running My First 5K

Inspiration + Personal Growth