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Dear Dillon, each day, you make my day. But today, you really made my day. I know you like to rest on Sunday afternoons. Cozied up beneath the quilt on our couch, you usually unwind and catch a nap between church and dinner. I enjoy that time too. Being snuggled up beside you with a good […]


March 3, 2019

Location Scouting

Daily Life, Photography

Sarah Owen is a ray of sunshine, bringing light with her everywhere she goes. For the past three years, I have been blessed to serve as her youth group leader. She serves freely and willingly, always looking for ways to help others instead of sitting on the sidelines. Leading others by example, she serves on […]


November 8, 2017

Sarah Owen • Portrait Session

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We just love this couple so much. Dillon and Tim go way back, having attended homeschool classes together as they grew up. I became fast friends with Tim while serving on the leadership team for our community group last year, and connected with Ali immediately when she joined the group. Their friendship is so dear […]


November 2, 2017

Ali + Tim Rehearsal Dinner

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