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Happy Birthday, Dillon!


September 18, 2021

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Welcome to the KSP blog, a place where I share my work, wisdom, and a peek into my everyday life. I'm so glad you're here and hope you stay awhile!

Hi! I'm Kyla.

Happy birthday, Dillon! Today we celebrate you and everything that you are. You are the biggest blessing in my life. When I was a little girl, I watched Disney princess movies over and over. As I watched, I hoped I would someday marry a man who was kind and handsome and made me feel like a princess. Even at a young age, I loved living every day as though anything is possible and hoped my future husband would help me never lose that spark. 

As I grew older, I hoped my future husband would love the Lord, and walk with Him all the days of His life. I hoped he would be humble and hardworking, and champion my dreams. And then you came into my life and immediately exceeded each and every one of those hopes.

I’m amazed when I think that God was growing and shaping you all those years before we met, cultivating your heart and making you into the man I would one day marry. He was up to something really, really good when he made you.

When I talk about you, the first thing I love to share with others is that your character is unmatched. You consistently put others before yourself, sensitive to the needs and feelings of those around you. I have never for a second doubted your character. You are such a good man. You are caring and compassionate, quick to stop what you’re doing to listen when someone needs support. Thank you for modeling the love of Jesus to me day in and day out. 

You work incredibly hard and are building a career through tenacity and determination. I am so proud of you for choosing to enroll in grad school earlier this year. When you cross the finish line of your Master’s degree, I will be the loudest one cheering you on. I am so grateful that we’ll be able to show our future children what a love of learning looks like. 

You take such good care of me, often anticipating my needs before I’m even aware of them. From having a hot bath waiting for me after every wedding to making grocery runs for treats late at night, you pamper me in the little moments and the big ones. 

You are the most fun to be around. From our very first adventure to all the ones we’ve taken since, being with you is pure fun. I love that we have fun in the ordinary moments too. Whether we’re dancing around our kitchen or having a singalong in the car, you color my days with joy! 

Thank you for dreaming with me and making every day special. I am so proud of the life we are building together, and the dreams we share. I’m amazed when I look back at all that we’ve accomplished over the past five years together, through God’s grace. I’m so excited to see all the good things in store in the year ahead. Happy birthday, Dillon! 



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Welcome to the KSP blog, a place where I share my work, wisdom, and a peek into my everyday life. I'm so glad you're here and hope you stay awhile!

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